Unique You

Get your mojo back and life on track

  • 1


    • Welcome to Unique You Again!

  • 2

    Your Life Audit

    • Let's take an overview of your life

  • 3

    What's Unique About You?

    • Discovering your strengths

  • 4

    Identifying your core values

    • Discovering your core values

  • 5

    Challenging your negative beliefs

    • Identifying negative beliefs

    • Creating new beliefs

  • 6

    Deciding what you want

    • Time to dream

  • 7

    Creating a better life

    • Setting 3 goals

    • And finally..

  • 8

    Further help and questions

    • Course feedback

Ready to make some changes to your life?

Take part in my Unique You programme to boost your confidence and gain clarity about what you want in life.

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Available until 31 January 2012

What customers say....

  • I've got my mojo back

    I really enjoyed the Unique You programme as I was feeling flat and had lost my mojo after lockdown. The programme helped me to rediscover my strengths and passions and gave me clarity about what I wanted to do going forward.

  • I feel more confident

    I was lacking in confidence at work and felt stuck in a rut. This course helped me to see that my negative thinking was blocking me from progressing.

  • I feel more positive about the future

    I felt very demotivated and this programme has helped me to discover what I want in life and that anything is possible. I really enjoyed setting goals and am now progressing them and feel excited for the future.